Rafraîchissements web des applis

Il y a maintenant une multiplicité d'applications nécessitant de rafraichir des informations sur le web : mail, réseaux sociaux... Cela crée donc une augmentation de la consommation (par les push régulier, par l'obligation de laissé les applications ouvertes ...). Voici une reflexion de Microsoft sur cette problèmatique et Windows 8...

We knew we needed to be able to load live tiles instantly and efficiently. Long battery life and instant performance is fundamental to the experience of any mobile device. If every app launched and loaded a process when you entered Start (the traditional “gadget” model), it would slow down the performance of navigating to it, scrolling, etc. It would also increase the background memory and CPU footprint, which would decrease battery life. Today, when people want to check to see if they have new email, they run their mail app, see an app-specific notification competing with other notifications, or open up another browser tab. If they want to see what’s going on with their social networks, they leave open a bunch of different web sites or apps. If they are waiting for their turn in a game, that app is open. This means they are forced into a situation where they are either impacting their performance and battery life by running each of these programs simultaneously, or they are disconnected and have to constantly open and close programs. Why should your mobile device be so much better at these routine tasks than your PC (of any form factor) which has a vastly larger screen, more storage, and more connectivity and processing power?
To address this, the Start screen uses a single process to pull down notifications from the Windows Notification Service and keep the tiles up to date. The tiles are cached, so they can load instantly when you go to Start. The result is that the tiles aren’t apps—they are a system-provided surface that can quickly tell you what’s new with your app. They are an extension of the apps you use (or the apps you develop), providing instant access to relevant content without costing battery life or slowing down performance.


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