Green and Sustainable Software Needs New Models

Stefan Naumann

Green and Sustainable Software Needs New Models in order to classify, evaluate, and improve Sustainable Software Engineering

Within research in the context of ”Green (in) IT“ (ways to make ICT itself greener) and „Green by IT“ (possibilities to encourage environmental friendly movements by ICT) it turned out that, next to the hardware aspects, the software side also gains big importance. Software causes hardware activity and is responsible for energy consumption in that way. It became an important aspect of the daily life and most people cannot imagine future development without software.


Since one big objective of Green IT activities is to find solutions to solve the problem of increasing energy consumption, energy efficient software is required. In order to develop such software, developers need to know how this can be achieved and to have suitable tools to reach this goal. Above all, the software engineering process, regarding questions of sustainability, needs to be clarified.


E.g. the GREENSOFT Model includes a holistic life cycle model for software products, sustainability criteria and metrics for software products, process models for various stakeholders, as well as recommendations and tools supporting stakeholders while developing, procuring, maintaining, and using software products in a way compatible with the objectives of sustainable development.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann, Institute for Software Systems, University of Applied Sciences Trier, Location Environmental Campus Birkenfeld,


Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann

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