GREEN CODE LAB CHALLENGE is back for the second edition

We are pleased to announce that the GREEN CODE LAB CHALLENGE will have a second edition. Le last and first edition was a success insomuch, that it was impossible to not program a new edition. This challenge will take place from 26th to 28th, November 2014 in West of France but also around the World.
Open to students and professionals.
The event goal is to raise awareness from developers and digital operators that software ecodesign is a good mean to reduce resource and energy consumption of Web applications. That is why, this year, for the second edition, the challenge is open to IT professionals. In this way, the GREEN CODE LAB CHALLENGE will sensibilize actual professionals and the ones of tomorrow.
An efficient visioconference system
The Challenge will take place in different places through the World, will use an efficient visioconference system to create a real network with every team and with event organizers. Like that teams can share some good practices. It also will be possible to follow the challenge by several website with the broadcasting of lives or conferences.
Evaluation mode
As  the last edition, teams will have to optimize a Web Open Source Application, and will have only 48 hours to do it. Their works will be evaluate by different tools about some criteria as the number of good practices, the resource and energy consumption, the ergonomics, etc... So, we will be able to determine which team succeed to develop the "Greenest" application, with still the same efficiency.
Also some conferences
DUring the event, many activities will take place. In fact, this challenge is open to public, but more particularly web, digital and IT professionals. That is why, Green Code Lab propose several conferences with national and international Green IT experts. And to go along this conference program, a place will be be devote to partner stands with a common goal : the software ecodesign highlighting.
More information? Let's visit the challenge page:


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