Greenfox for Firefox


Compatible with Firefox 3.6 -> 12.x on Windows / Linux

Source code available on GitHub :

Addon available on Mozilla dedicated page

Under GPL v3 license (

The Firefox addon FreenFox, initially developed for FreenChallenge 2010 of USI school (french university), it has been forked by the Green Code Lab team (a french group working on Green Patterns). The aim of this extension is to measure the CPU consumption of the Firefox process, in milliseconds, in a period given by the user.

The millisecond unit (ms) has been chosen because it is the unit used by Operating Systems to measure a process consumption (more information on Wikipedia :

Thus, GreenFox can measure the CPU consumption between two points. This is very usefull to:

  1. compare the CPU use of two sites, or of two versions of the same site

  2. convert this temporal consumption (ms) in energetic consumption (kWh) through a given energetic model, or by measuring initially the idle consumption.

How to use

After having installed the addon, it shows up at the bottom of the Firefox browser :

Its is very easy to use :

  1. Clic on start button to start the measure. The icon changes :

  1. Clic on stop button. It now displays the CPU consumption of the process in this period :


The extension measures the consumption of the whole Firefox process, including other addons. It is recommended to use GreenFox on a clean Firefox to get the most reliable measure.

Furthermore, it only measures the client side of a website. If your final aim is to measure the whole website consumption, you will also have to measure the server side.

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