Software Eco-design approach with 12 conference during the Green Code Lab Challenge

Jérôme ROCHETEAU, ICAM Nantes : Synthèse du travail de recherche sur le projet Code Vert

The Green Code Lab prepare the second edition of its international contest: The Green Code Lab Challenge.
To wait this event, let's have a look back on the last edition's conferences.
This Challenge joined 12 speakers, all Green IT expert, about the software eco-design issue. Conferences were free, opened to everyone and diffused by videoconference on sponsors' website and in live on internet.

Conferences was the moment for participants to understand and learn about the software eco-design. They could used directly these knowledges to reduce the resource and energy consumption of the multi-application open source technology. But these sharing moments were also the best time for computing companies to understand current issues of this technological and environmental problems, for the one they are daily concerned.
Something is sure, Green IT and software eco-design interest more and more people, particularly company managers in computing industry, who are the centre of the problems.
Several articles about this theme will be available to expose more elements on software eco-design.
List of speakers and topic approached: 
Jérôme ROCHETEAU, ICAM Nantes : Synthesis of the search lead on the Code Vert project.
Amount of spared energy with good practises
Alain ANGLADE, ADEME : Software ecodesign : vision and position of ADEME
Support: Software eco design : why it matters
Marie GABORIT, EVEA Conseil : Understand the life cycle of a digital service for ecodesign.
Support: Digital Life cycle
Steven MORVAN, SIGMA: TUBA project elasticity of software architectures in the cloud. Research Sigma and Ecole des Mines
Supports: Projet TUBA - Part 1 and Projet TUBA - Part 2
Thierry LEBOUCQ, Kaliterre : Greenspector® A tool to help developers detect  objects that consumed in the source code.
Support: Greenspector
JP GOUIGOUX, Green Code Lab: Example 5 green patterns in .Net
Support: 5 green patterns dans .Net
Christian HOJ - UCN Aalborg – Denmark : Energy Saving Initiatives in Mac OS X Mavericks
Support: Energy Saving Initiatives in Mac OS X Mavericks
Olivier PHILIPPOT, Green Code Lab : Web Energy, the project key figures measuring the first 500 sites listed.
Support: Web Energy, le projet
Nicolas GUTOWSKI, ESAIP Angers: Feedback from the implementation of eco-design during the last 3 years in the ESAIP Angers
Support: Retour d'expérience de la mise en oeuvre de cours d'éco-conception
Adel NOUREDDINE - Inria Lille- Monitoring Software Energy at Code Level
Christophe HUVELIN, VUPAR : Retour d'expérience d'une implémentation d'éco-conception par une agence Web
Stefan NAUMANN - Université de Trier - Birkenfield environmental campus – Germany : Présentation d'un framework de règles et de mesures au sein du GreensoftwareEngineering
Gwenaël CHAILLEU, Green Code Lab : Energy savings and performance Cawen language
Support: Cawen
Bruno SEGUIN, Green Code Lab : a first approach to LCA software
Support: A first approach of ACV's logiciel
Marc VAUTIER, Orange : integration of eco-design software in a large group & Issues
Support: Intégration of Software eco-design in a big company


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